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Japan Plans to Establish a New “Integrated Commander” Position

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu (NASDAQ: SOHU) recently reported that relevant sources in the Japanese government revealed that the Ministry of Defense of Japan has generally decided to establish an “integrated commander” to unify the land, sea and Air Self-Defense Forces, as well as an “integrated command” to support the new position. Regarding the motives for the Japanese Ministry of Defense to make this move, Kyodo News said that the Ministry was mainly considering China’s increased maritime activities and new security areas like space, computer networks, and electromagnetic waves, and other areas. Therefore, Japan believed that there is a necessity to have a new dedicated position to improve mobility. Before the end of the year, the Japanese government will revise defense documents such as the National Security Strategy,” the Defense Plan Outline, and the Mid-term Defense Capacity Improvement Plan.  Various branches of the government are coordinating the updates to include the creation of the “integrated commander” in these official documents.

Source: Sohu, June 8, 2022