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International Herald Leader: U.S. Should Take Responsibility in Dealing with North Korea

The International Herald Leader published an article on December 3, 2010, about the U.S. lack of responsibility in dealing with North Korea. While China suggested the six-party talks, meant to resolve the crisis of the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. was not interested. The article stated that the U.S. response showed that the U.S. does not want to pay its due, but instead wants China and Russia to “control” North Korea. It wants South Korea to bear all the risk for the failure to control North Korea. The article also stated that the U.S. joint military exercise with South Korea and Japan had no impact on North Korea. “Now North Korea is certain that the U.S.-South Korean joint military exercise won’t turn into a military attack against North Korea,” so the U.S. just saved face without any great effect.

Source: International Herald Leader, December 3, 2010