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Boxun Reports on Beijing’s Security for the 18th Congress

November 8, 2012, was the opening day of the 18th CCP Congress. On November 7, Beijing implemented the highest level of security to guard the event. Boxun, a Chinese news website based in North America, posted a group of pictures and videos showing the level of security in Beijing before the opening of the 18th Congress: A security guard with a professional red armband (wearing a professional inspection work permit) was placed on patrol in every cabin of every subway train; buses passing Tiananmen Square had their windows taped shut; there were more security personnel of all kinds than tourists and pedestrians in Tiananmen Square; A Boxun volunteer shot a video of a woman who looked like a petitioner being seized by two Tiananmen Square policemen and dragged into a police car; armed police and special police with weapons usually patrolled outside, in the open, but instead stayed inside their cars checking on people; selling scissors was forbidden in Beijing.

Source: Boxun, November 7, 2012