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China: Discrimination against Job Seekers Previously Infected with Covid-19

In Shanghai, China, people who recovered from Covid-19 have hit walls in their job hunting. Some job openings openly state, “Those who were admitted to Covid mobile hospitals are not wanted. Those who previously tested ‘positive’ are not wanted.”

The Shanghai municipal government said to all government branches and all units in Shanghai that all those who have previously tested positive and have recovered should be treated equally and without discrimination.

However, according to the Chinese media Caixin, a number of business owners said that if an employee who already recovered from Covid unfortunately got infected with Covid again, everyone in the company would have to be quarantined for two days and the office spaces would have to be sealed off. This would have a great impact on the normal production and operations. According to Shanghai municipal government’s policy, the company is responsible for preventing the spread of the disease. Once there is an infection, the person in charge of the company has to take the responsibility.

Under China’s “Dynamic zero Covid” policy, even a single case of infection is treated as a total disaster. Even if government officials ask that there be no discrimination, it is still impossible to prevent discrimination against those who have recovered from the disease.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), July 12, 2022