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Xinhua: Over 1.1 Million Participated in the National Civil Services Exam

Xinhua reported that, on November 25, more than 1.12 million people all over China participated in the National Civil Service Exam to compete for 21 thousand government job positions. This is the largest government position exam ever organized. The number of people taking the Exam increased by 150 thousand over last year. Cheating is a big problem for the exam. The State Bureau of Civil Services required everyone who took the exam to sign a “Statement of Good Faith.” Also, a large national database was established to track wrong-doings on an individual basis. Experts expressed the belief that there are three main reasons that this exam has become such a heated competition: (1) Unemployment pressure is still high across the nation. This year alone there are seven million new college graduates joining the job market. (2) The Civil Service Exam system is relatively open and transparent. It demonstrates more fairness than other channels. (3) Government work is more reliable, relaxed, and reputable than other types of work.
Source: Xinhua, November 25, 2012