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Xinhua Commentary Calls for Harsh Measures to Crack Down on Corruption

On November 30, 2012, the Disciplinary Committee of Shandong Province launched an investigation of Shan Zhende, Deputy Director of the Shandong Province Department of Agriculture, based on a statement he wrote to his mistress promising that he would divorce his wife and marry her. This incident took place one week after Lei Zhengfu, the District Party Secretary in Chongqing, stepped down from his post due to a sex tape scandal [Editor: according media reports, Lei was fired after tapes showing him with an 18-year-old woman, allegedly hired to bribe him, went viral].

Xinhua published a commentary quoting statistics from the Central Disciplinary Committee that showed that 95 percent of problem officials have mistresses. The commentary stated, "We can’t simply rely on the (issue of) mistresses to crack down on corruption." It called for harsher anti-corruption action and a disciplinary system that prevents Party officials from being misguided.

Source: Xinhua, December 2, 2012