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China Politburo Member Accused of Nepotism in Violation of China’s Civil Service Law

Li Jianguo, a newly elected Chinese Communist Politburo Member and the National People’s Congress Vice Chairman, has been accused of violating China’s Civil Service Law. He promoted his nephew-in-law, Zhang Hui, from a deputy division chief to the Party Secretary of Shizhong District in Jining City in Shangdong Province, making Zhang the youngest department-level cadre, thus violating the law.

On December 16, 2012, Han Chongguang from Handan, Hebei Province posted a miniblog stating that he had just made a report, using his real name, of the alleged violation to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for investigation. "Around 5 pm on the afternoon of December 16, 2012, I published a posting on the [sina] miniblog in which I used my real name to report on Zhang Hui, who was promoted in violation of regulations. Twenty minutes later, the posting was re-posted over 1,500 times. At 5:25, the sina miniblog administrator deleted my posting. I re-posted it nine times and each time the posting was deleted.”

Li served as the Party Secretary for Shangdong Province from 2007 to 2008 before being promoted to Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress. He became a Politburo member in November 2012.

Source: China Yulun Wang, December 16 and 17, 2012