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China’s State Media Floats the Idea of Establishing the “Maritime Ministry”

China’s state media Huanqiu (Global Times) published an article titled, “Establishing a ‘Maritime Ministry’ is in Line with China’s Grand Strategy.” The article discussed the need to form a ‘Maritime Ministry’ as part of the overall planning of China’s maritime strategy. The background of the discussion developed because of two facts. Starting in 2012, China and its neighboring countries have consistently had maritime disputes and in the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, China set the goal of “building a powerful maritime nation.” 

The article depicted some of the “major reasons” that China should establish a maritime development strategy. First, China has 1/5 of the world’s population. But 70 percent of "the world" is ocean. China has been growing rapidly in recent years. Therefore it is natural and right for China to look into its maritime development.  

Second, China’s revival, from the strategic level to the technical details, requires marine development. Strategically, from diplomacy, economic development, resources, and energy to military and defense, marine development is an area that urgently needs to be strengthened. 

Third, to establish a marine strategy, China must distinguish between a variety of different kinds of contradictions and issues. For example, the Diaoyu Islands dispute is a Sino-Japanese conflict on the surface. In fact, it involves the relations between China, the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

In addition, the problems in a number of different areas also require more specialized, balanced, and coordinated work. 

Source: Huanqiu, December 31, 2012