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Global Times Commentary Calls Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip a “Sneaky Visit” with “Four Conspiracies” of the United States to Split and Contain China

China’s State media Global Times published a commentary article on U.S. House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The article said, “Pelosi’s sneaky visit to Taiwan is a grand show of the US’s anti-China strategy and a big exposure of its geopolitical ambitions. From the beginning to the end, Pelosi has not talked about the exchanges between the legislatures, but the conspiracy to split the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in all aspects, contain China in all aspects, shape the ‘Indo-Pacific’ in all aspects, and promote the new Cold War in all aspects.”

The article listed 4 such conspiracies of the United States:

1. Turn Taiwan into a colony of American ideology;
2. Turn Taiwan into an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the Asia-Pacific alliance;
3. Turning Taiwan into a Military Frontier for the Indo-Pacific Strategy;
4. Turn Taiwan into a chip killer for China’s tech blockade.

Source: Global Times, August 10, 2022