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UDN: Police Took a Young Woman Away for Taking Pictures in a Kimono on the Street in Suzhou

The police scolded a young woman while she was taking a photo in a kimono on Huaihai Street in Suzhou. She was not allowed to take a photo in a kimono. She could only wear Hanfu (the traditional style of clothing worn by the Han Chinese). The woman asked if there is any regulation on this issue. The police forcibly took her away on the grounds of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” ”She was taken to the police station and questioned for five hours and her phone was searched. “

According to, in the video, a woman’s weak voice talks to the angry police. She asked, “Can you yell at me like this?” “Yes,” “What’s the reason for (taking me)?” “You are suspected of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.”

It can be seen from the photo that the date of the photo was August 10, which is not sensitive. It was not near the relevant museum or memorial. It was just a general kimono and there was no sign such as the Japanese military flag. The girl posted her story on the internet.

Source: UDN, August 15, 2022