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China Review News: Top 10 Contradictions as China Rises

China Review News published an article on December 24, 2010, summarizing the “Top 10 Contradictions” that need to be resolved as China rises:

  1. The rise of China and how the U.S. and the West curb China 
  2. How the U.S. deals with the “China challenge”
  3. Friction with different countries
  4. The actual level of China’s development and the higher expectations that the international community has of China
  5. The attitude of “suspicion of China” that China’s surrounding countries have and their “reliance on the U.S. to contain China” 
  6. Friction between China and large emerging countries
  7. China’s socialism vs. American and Western ideology
  8. The severe turbulent situation in the international strategic setup due to China’s rise
  9. Avoiding direct confrontation with the current hegemony and the world political system
  10. The international factors in China’s internal problems and the Chinese factors in the international problems

Source: China Review News, December 24, 2010