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Indian Media Insisted on Sending Reporters to Taiwan Despite Chinese Warnings

Taiwanese news site NewTalk recently reported that China’s ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, warned local media to maintain their commitment to the One-China Principle and not to report on Taiwan. However, the Indian media ignored the CCP’s request and sent reporters to Taiwan for interviews. This is the first time Indian media reported back from Taiwan directly. On the same day, Gaurav C Sawant, a reporter from India Today, also tweeted that every day after he arrived in Taiwan, he sent reports about the CCP’s exercises to India. Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong held a media symposium in India on August 13th due to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, calling on India to reiterate the One-China policy. Since 2020, after the worst military conflict on the Sino-Indian border in 40 years, the Indian people’s favor with China has declined. India traditionally follows the One-China policy, but has not publicly stated this principle for a long time. When asked about the situation in the Taiwan Strait recently, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi called on both sides to exercise restraint, and he still did not mention the One-China policy.

Source: NewTalk, August 19, 2022