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People’s Daily: Valentine’s Day is Not a “Hotbed” for Corruption and Degenerate Behavior

On February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, People’s Daily published an opinion piece, "Valentine’s Day Is about Love, Not about a ‘Hotbed’ of Corruption and Degenerate Behavior."

The article said, "In recent years, this romantic holiday, which originally belonged to single men and women, has become an excuse for some married men and women to seek excitement. It has become a ‘hotbed’ for a small number of Party members and cadres to become ideologically degenerate, lead a dissipated life, and become corrupt. They also use this romantic holiday to adopt a variety of forms to meet demands from their ‘lover,’ even using their power and spending huge amounts of money, just so as to win a smile from the beauty. What particularly needs our attention is that this phenomenon has gradually spread to our Party members and cadres, and has even penetrated to a small number of senior cadres. In Recent years, the Party has investigated and punished a few senior officials, including Bo Xilai, Liu Zhijun, and Chen Liangyu. In addition to their abuse of authority for personal gain and trading power for money, there is another significant characteristic. It is ‘having mistresses’ and ‘engaging in improper sexual relations with multiple women.’"

Source: People’s Daily, February 13, 2013