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China’s State Media Highly Tout the China Dream

Recently, the “China Dream” has become a very hot phrase in China’s media. A Xinhua article goes so far as to say that "the China dream should also be the world dream.” 

The article claims that the "China Dream" is becoming the biggest feature of today’s China and it may become one of the most popular political terminologies over the next decade. The author stated, “For the world, the implications of the China dream are three-fold: 1) The dream of the Chinese people will enrich the connotations of human rights. From now on, happiness, values, and the rights of the people will mark the distinct imprint of China rather than reflect the universal Western values; 2) China’s development model and path will enrich the meaning of a big country’s development. Modernization and globalization will be marked by the distinctive imprint of China, rather than by the Western monopoly on discourse; 3) China’s international responsibility and its contribution will enrich the connotations of international relations. The international system and international norms will be marked by the distinct imprint of China instead of being an extension of Western regulations.” 
“China is the only non-religious country … and it is the only country that will not only revive China’s civilization, but will also revive Western countries alternative ideology of socialist thought. … The rise of China is our unshirkable historical mission.” 
“Therefore, while the China dream is blowing the horn of reviving Chinese civilization, it is also opening a whole new era of world dreams.” 
Source: Xinhua, March 6, 2013