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China Dairy Industry Association Claims China’s Infant Milk Powder Is Superior to Imported Brands

The China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA) recently commissioned a third-party testing organization to conduct a test of random samples of 25 brands of infant formula milk powder in the capital city of Beijing and the surrounding area. Of those tested, 13 were domestic brands; three were foreign brands produced domestically and manufactured in China, and 9 were imported products. 

The test results showed that the 16 domestic brands were all in compliance with national standards; the actual test values were very good. However, of the nine imported products, three failed the test; one even failed two indicators. 
CDIA said that the quality survey demonstrated that domestic products are better than imported products in quality, while the price of the imported brands was nearly double the price of the domestic brands. 

Source: People’s Daily, April 29, 2013