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Social Science in China: China Will Have More Influence over the U.S.

Yang Jiemian, Dean of the Shanghai International Studies Institute, predicted a change in the Sino-U.S. relationship. Yang suggested that, over the next five years, instead of being under U.S. influence, China will have more and more influence over the U.S. 


“The United Nations remains the most authoritative and legitimate entity over world affairs, but regional organizations and forums will have more influence.” The gap between the developed countries (with the U.S. as the representative) and the developing countries (with China as the representative) is closing, but the developed countries will remain in the leadership positions. “The China-driven change of rules in the global scheme of things will manifest mainly in the international monetary system and trade.” “China’s influence will remain limited when it concerns such areas as the military, technology, cultural influence, international speaking power and rule making.” “The Asia-Pacific will be the main platform where China and the U.S. interact.”

Source: Social Science in China, December 30, 2010