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RFA: Canada Attacked at UN Human Rights Forum

Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported that, at the United Nations Human Rights Forum, China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia attacked Canada’s human rights situation. North Korea expressed its “deep concern” about Canada’s continued violation of freedom of speech, torture, and racism. Iran accused the Canadian government of trafficking in children, of depriving children of their right to food, and of discriminating against Muslim, Arabic and African communities. The Chinese delegation was offended by Canada’s “widespread racism.” The Russian representative said that he was surprised by the violence that the Canadian police demonstrated. The Cuban government insisted that Canada suffers from serious xenophobia and racism. The Geneva-headquartered independent organization, UN Watch, described the UN Human Rights Forum as becoming a “wonder scene” of “hypocrisy and farce.” The Canadian government has already allowed the entry of three UN inspectors to check on Canada’s human rights record. 
Source: Radio Free Asia, May 2, 2013