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Wen Wei Po: Party’s Central Committee Issued Document on the Ideology Struggle

According to Hong Kong based Wen Wei Po, on May 8, 2013, the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Chongqing City’s Urban and Rural Construction Committee held a meeting to study the Notice on the Current Situation in the Field of Ideology, which the General Office of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee had issued.

It was mentioned at the study session that "the Party’s Central Committee has a profound analysis and firm attitude toward seven prominent issues in the field of ideology. The Party has more clarity and understanding of the acuteness and complexity of the struggles in the field of ideology."

The report believes that it is the first time that the Party has issued official documents of this kind since the 18th National Congress. It was found by searching online that the "notice" has been issued at the grassroots level of the hierarchy across the nation. At present, government authorities and Party committees at all levels have been organized to study the “notice.”

Source: Wen Wei Po, May 14, 2013