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Xinjiang Is Locked Down Due to 97 Infection Cases

The communist regime in China has been taking a strict “zero-COVID” policy and locks down any city where there are some infection cases. Last week it locked down Xinjiang. The authorities forced the 22 million people living there to stay at home – if they had not yet been put in “reeducation camps.” It also stopped running public transportation. It cancelled 97 percent of out-bound flights and 95 percent of in-bound flights at Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital city and largest city. It also cancelled all out-bound flights except two to Urumqi at Kashgar, Xinjiang’s second largest city.

On October 5, the authorities reported that it has only 97 infected cases.

Many analyses have pointed  out that the communist party’s COVID control and lockdown allows it to control the general public and practice precision control over its targeted people.

Source: VOA, October 6, 2022