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U.S. Announced New Controls over Chips and Chip-making Equipment

Well-known Chinese news site NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) recently reported that, on October 7, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced new export controls over chips. New export control measures restrict U.S. companies from selling certain advanced chips and manufacturing equipment to Chinese manufacturers. Also, the BIS increased export licensing requirements for technologies that China can use in supercomputing and semiconductor development. This may be the biggest change in U.S. policy on exporting technology to China since the 1990s. If implemented, U.S. technology and chip manufacturing will no longer be able to support China, which will set China’s chip manufacturing industry back by several years. The BIS stipulates that if U.S. manufacturers want to export equipment that can make DRAM of 18 nanometers or below, NAND Flash of 128 layers or above, or logic chips below 14 nanometers to local Chinese manufacturers, they must apply for export licenses. The Commerce Department said the move would protect U.S. national security and foreign policy interests. A senior official at the ministry said that concerted action is still in discussions with allies. For Its own self interest, Americans have not hesitated to use the laws of fair trade, or suppress and contain the development of technology companies in other countries.  They have reached that point.

Source: NetEase, October 8, 2022