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Possible Methods for the CCP to Interfere on Taiwan’s Election

Taiwan will hold its election on November 26. Included will be local public service positions, the mayor, county executive, city and county council members, and others.

Su Ziyun, Director of the Defense Strategy and Resources Studies, Institute for National Defense and Security Research, told the Epoch Times that the U.S. has confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has interfered in a number of other countries’ elections. The CCP spent at least several billion dollars to intrude directly or indirectly in other countries’ political operations, using agents such as the Confucius Institute.

Su thinks that the CCP has three methods to interfere in Taiwan’s election this year. One, spread specific information, via their agents in Taiwan, to shift voter’s minds. Two, force Taiwan business people who are doing business in China to state publicly that they support certain candidates. Three, use Taiwan’s local associations, such as agricultural and fishery associations, temple systems, and whatever they can, to impact the support for local candidates.

Source: Epoch Times, October 9, 2022