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Global Times Accused the U.S. of Four Major Sins in Manipulating Cyber Hegemony

China’s state-run media Global Times published an article recently accusing the U.S. of dominating cyberspace and launching cyber attacks. The article said,“In June 2022, Northwestern Polytechnical University issued a ‘Public Statement’ claiming that it had suffered a cyber attack from overseas. In September, it was found that a cyber attack against Northwestern Polytechnical University came from the National Security Agency (NSA) Specific Intrusion Operations Office (TAO). The cyber hegemony by the United States originated in cyberspace, covered the world, and spread to the whole globe. Its cyber attacks have long been systematic. The cyberspace seems peaceful. However, on the other end of the Internet, there are countless ‘tentacles’ of the United States waiting to seize secrets. The United States has been manipulating cyber hegemony and creating troubles.”

The article enumerated “four major sins” by the U.S. in manipulating cyber hegemony.

1. The United States has established a large and professional cybersecurity intelligence agency to pave the way for cyber intrusions.

”On September 5, 2022, the ‘Investigation Report on the Discovery of NSA Cyber Attacks by Northwestern Polytechnical University (Part 1)’ jointly issued by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center of China and 360 Companies mentioned that the NSA’s subsidiary The Specific Intrusion Operations Office (TAO) was behind the cyberattacks on China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University. “

“The TAO, composed of more than 2,000 military and civilian personnel, is recognized as the cyber warfare force with the highest level of combat in the world.”

2. The United States conducts cyber attacks on other countries and steals secrets from other countries.

“In recent years, the TAO has launched tens of thousands of network attacks on China, controlling tens of thousands of network servers, Internet terminals, network switches, telephone switches, routers, firewalls, and more, and has stolen no less than 140GB of information and data.”

3. By combining public opinion hegemony with cyber hegemony, the United States creates a protective shell for its cyber attacks.

4. The United States tramples on the cyber sovereignty of other countries and arbitrarily infringes upon the Internet human rights of other countries’ citizens.

Source: Global Times, September 29, 2022