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Qiushi: The “China Dream” and the Open Door Reform

Qiushi published an article written by Li Junru, the former Vice President of the Party School of The Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The article dealt with the relationship between Xi Jinping’s China Dream and the open door reform. “Considering the great cause of China’s open door reform, turning the ‘China Dream’ into a reality is the great objective of deepening that open door reform; the deepening of the open door reform is the powerful driving force to achieve the ‘China Dream.’”

“If we look at the period from the Opium War in 1840 to the year 2050, as we basically achieve modernization, the road to realizing China’s dream is a period of over 200 years.” The first one-hundred year period, according to the article, was to realize the dream of “national independence and the liberation of the people” through the Party leading a people’s revolution. The second one-hundred year period is to realize the dream of “national prosperity, and all people getting rich.” This part depends on the the Party’s leadership of the open door reform.

Source: Qiushi, May 27, 2013