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Study Times Commentary Worries about Succession by Princelings

Study Times published a commentary that criticized the princelings (the offspring of former high-ranking Party officials) who succeeded their parents when they took over key government and Party positions. The article considered this to be a major form of corruption.The Chinese people have given it the most criticism because it serves to “severely destroy the legitimacy of our Party’s rule."

“Legitimacy stems from a set of widely accepted principles, which could be democracy or non-democracy, but at least it must mean what it stands for. If you emphasize that people are the masters of the power, you must truly let the people feel they can choose who is in power, makes decisions, and expresses their opinion on major issues.”
“We used guns to taker power. This is the origin of the legitimacy of our ruling power. While the people in China may think it makes sense for whoever used guns to take power to rule the country, we must not forget that … we obtained legitimacy by upholding the banner of democracy."

Source: Study Times, June 10, 2013