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Chengdu City to Train 1,000 Internet Monitors

On June 12, 2013, Chengdu authorities in Sichuan Province announced that they will train 1,000 volunteers to “spread civilization on the Internet” in order to monitor and control Internet postings.

In an interview with Chengdu Daily, a city official stated, “This year, our city will re-enforce the development of volunteer teams to spread civilization on the Internet. Chengdu will rely on 1,000 people at all levels of civilized units as the basic team, and will develop another core backbone of about 100 volunteers and a civilization commentator team of 15.”

To be assigned to selected websites throughout the country, these monitors will “effectively guide netizens not to use curse words and not to believe or spread rumors.”

Source: Chengdu Daily, June 12, 2013