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Two Hundred Million Chinese Face the Risk of Being Locked Down

Nomura Securities estimated that by October 24, 28 cities in China, including Guangzhou, Wuhan, and others had various levels of lock down control, impacting a possible 200 million people living in these cities.

Instead of locking down an entire city, China has been locking down sub-regions inside the city based on where the COVID patients live and where they have been. About 1 million people in Wuhan were locked in at home. After reporting 73 cases on October 27, Guangzhou intensified its lockdown. Fuzhou City, Fujian Province locked down 36 colleges and universities.

Xinjiang and Tibet continue to be the major disaster areas. Many hotels have refused to take visitors coming from Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia as hotel guests.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 28, 2022