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How Did the 20th Party Congress Pick the Central Committee Members?

Radio Free Asia published an article by Cheng Xiaonong, a Chinese political commentator, on how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) selected its Central Committee members for the 20th Party Congress.

Xi Jinping started planning the candidate selection work at the end of 2020. Three months later, Xi held a Politburo Standing Committee meeting and a Politburo meeting to  launch the 20th Party Congress Cadres Evaluation Leading Group officially, with him the head of the group. Xi allocated quotas to each province and ministry.

The CCP Central Organization Department started the cadres evaluations in July 2021. It sent out 45 evaluation teams, in three batches, to 31 provinces, 124 central and state apparatuses and state-owned enterprises. The Central Military Commission also sent eight evaluation teams to 25 central units and theaters.

The evaluation results were presented to the Politburo for review. Xi called six politburo standing committee hearings on the evaluation report. In the end, Xi made the call on candidates.

The list was finalized at the CCP politburo standing committee on September 7. The vote had two steps. First, a 222-member list was given to the 20th Congress representatives to vote for 205 positions. Second, the representatives were given a 205-member list to vote for 205 members.

It is not very clear whether the ballot would still be valid if someone wrote any name on it that was outside the “official” list, but that “off the list” candidate for surely wouldn’t be elected.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 28, 2022