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Red Flag Manuscript: Solidify China through Propaganda

Xinhua reprinted a Red Manuscripts’ interview of Zhan Dexiong, a Xinhua researcher, on how to use propaganda to solidify China.

Zhan stated, “Revolution depends on two rods – the gun and the pen; these are the heirlooms of the Chinese Communist Party. Looking at the situation at home and abroad, although the political, economic, cultural, and public opinion means have undergone tremendous changes, reality tells us not only that we cannot throw these two rods away; we must greatly enhance them. It is not because of people’s subjective intent, but because the reality of the situation forces us to do so.”

Zhan also stated that the current situation is unfolding in China’s favor because the United States and Europe have been struggling with their respective political or economic crises and are helplessly watching China’s rise. "You could say that we now in a better position to push propaganda and ideological work toward a new height."

Zhan recommended that China get out of the box of the Western hegemony of discourse and build its own discourse community. He also suggested, “Through propaganda, we should make clear to the cadres and the masses what are the advantages of our democracy and the Achilles heel of the West.

Source: Red Flag Mnauscripts reprinted by Xinhua, July 11, 2013