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RFA Chinese: Tencent Launched another Round of Layoffs

Radio Free Asia, Chinese Edition, recently reported that sources said that Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings has begun a new round of layoffs in its video streaming, gaming and cloud computing divisions. This round of layoffs affects three of Tencent’s six business units. It is difficult to determine the size of the layoffs. China’s tech sector continues to feel the effects of regulatory crackdowns and the Zero Covid government policies that have slowed China’s economic growth. Earlier this year, Tencent had already cut staff along with other well-known tech companies such as the Alibaba Group. Tencent management said they were focused on cutting costs and have closed non-core businesses in some areas. The Shenzhen-based company is eyeing global expansion to offset slowing growth in China. Tencent is recalibrating its mergers and acquisitions strategy, focusing more on buying majority stakes in mostly overseas game companies. Market analysts expressed the belief that Tencent will report flat or slightly smaller revenue for its third quarter. Tencent declined to comment on the matter.

Source: RFA Chinese, November 15, 2022