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Huanqiu: China Is Determined to Develop as a Maritime Power

On August 2, 2013, Huanqiu, the Chinese edition of Global Times, published an editorial affirming China’s determination to develop as a maritime power. It stated that the only way for China to develop further is for it to become a maritime power. Recently, at a study session with members of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, China’s top leader Xi Jinping championed the effort to develop China into a maritime power.

“What has happened in the past two years tells us that, no matter how much we exercise restraint, some troubles will still find us.” The article listed territories that are involved in a dispute, such as with the Philippines (Huangyan Island, also called Scarborough Shoal) and with Japan (the Diaoyu Islands, also called the Senkaku Islands) as examples of the troubles. The article concluded, “To become a sea power, an indispensable specified procedure, is essential to China’s rise.”

Source: Huanqiu, August 2, 2013