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Shanghai High Court Cracks Down on Unlawful Behavior after High Court Judges’ Prostitution Scandal

Following the publication of information that, on August 1, a video about four Shanghai high court judges being involved in a prostitution scandal had been posted on Internet, the Shanghai Municipal Committee announced the disciplinary actions of removing them from their posts and giving them 10 days of administrative detention to start the following day.

On August 8, Cui Yadong, party secretary of Shanghai High Court held a video conference to announce the directions that Han Zhen, the Party chief of Shanghai, gave on having “zero tolerance and cracking down on any unlawful activities.” Han also stated that “the incident has caused huge damage to the Party’s image and to the legal system. It also gave both domestic and international hostile forces an opportunity to attack the Party, the government, our socialist legal system, and Party and government cadres.” Han called for an effort to “learn from the lesson and to rectify and improve future actions.”

A report stated that 6,000 staff members participated in the conference.

Source: Xinhua, August 9, 2013