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People’s Daily: In China, the Popular Constitutionalism Concept is a Psychological Weapon

On August 7, 2013, People’s Daily Overseas Edition published an article titled, “Using So-called Constitutionalism in China Is Like Climbing Trees to Catch Fish.” The article asserted, “Constitutionalism, which is currently very popular in China, is essentially an informational and psychological weapon, similar to the ‘democratic Socialist’ theory that collapsed the Soviet Union." According to the article, the “socialist constitutionalism” theory is even more perplexing than liberal constitutionalism because it’s most crucial and core contents are the “provisions to guarantee citizens’ fundamental rights.” Further, “socialist constitutionalism” advocates elimination of the class struggle theory and gives no space for the provision of the “people’s democratic dictatorship.”  

According to the article, to implement China’s Socialist Constitution well, it is very critical to build the Chinese Communist Party well.  “As long as the Chinese Communist Party is built into a party that truly serves the people, the Socialist Constitution and the laws that guarantee the people’s fundamental interests can be thoroughly implemented and realized. Using so-called constitutionalism is like climbing trees to catch fish.”

Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition, August 7, 2013