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Political Commentator: Insider Information on Xi’s Decisions

Yuan Hongbing, a Chinese scholar and political commentator who lives in Australia, recently shared with the Epoch Times some information he obtained from a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) insider.

On terminating the “zero-COVID” policy, the upcoming Premier Li Qiang  a Chinese politician and a senior leader of the Chinese Communist Party, serving as the second-ranking member of the 20th CCP Politburo Standing Committee, behind CCP general secretary Xi Jinping, informed Xi Jinping that the World Health Organization (WHO) is likely to announce COVID as a general epidemic, no longer a severe pandemic. If China continues the “zeroing out” and lockdown policy, it will become a joke of the international society. So Li Qiang wants China to forgo the zero-COVID policy before WHO’s announcement. Another reason is that China’s economy has gravely deteriorated and local governments are facing bankruptcy.

On the in-flight regarding Jiang’s death: Zeng Qinghong wrote the eulogy that gave high praise to Jiang. Jiang’s family asked Xi to read it and threatened that they would hold a private funeral instead of the state funeral if Xi did not agree to their terms. Xi’s supporter Li Shulei, head of the CCP Propaganda Department, suggested to Xi to meet their demand for now since Jiang is dead. In the meantime Xi could get ready to cleanse Jiang’s remaining power including both officials and businessmen. The target time to take them on is after March next year, after the National Congress meeting and Xi’s people take over the state power.

Source: Epoch Times, December 13, 2022