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China Review News: The Challenges and Subversive Issues China Faces Today

China Review News carried an article which Beijing Times originally published, written by the director of the Public Administration Department of the China National School of Administration. The article was about the challenges and subversive issues that China faces during the current transitional period. The article stated that there is an urgent need for system reform and for strategies to create a better interpersonal environment and a society with a high level of trust among the people. It also cited the lessons from the failure of communist ideology in the Soviet Union. The article indicated that the cause was the lack of a long term strategy. This eventually led to the people distrusting the Party and, eventually, to the collapse of the country.

The top four challenges listed in the article were: 1) a decrease in the government’s authority; 2) departments and organizations that were not responsible for the interest of the nation and its people; 3) a lack of advancement in renovation in socialist ideology so that it fits modern China; 4) a rise in the subjective consciousness of Chinese citizens.

The five subversive issues were: 1) a widening gap between the rich and poor. 2) social issues related to farmers, the rural regions, and agriculture. 3) worsening corruption. 4) unemployment among college graduates. 5) a crisis in social distrust.

Source: China Review News, August 15, 2013