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The Expenses Some Government Leaders Have Posted Are Shocking

A Xinhua reporter conducted an investigation in Beijing, Hebei, Sanxi, Jiangsu, and other areas into government leaders’ expenses. He found that the expenses that some government leaders have posted were shockingly high.  The expense items are too many and diverse to enumerate, but the expense amounts are getting bigger and bigger. As an example, the report described how a retired provincial leader spent more than 3 million yuan [about US$500,000] in one stay in the hospital. 

Jia Kang, director of the Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance, said that those in the municipal deputy position are spending more than 400,000 yuan per year. In more affluent areas, the expenses exceed 100 million yuan. According to many grassroots officials, this is just a basic amount to spend on their duties. A deputy position at this level is equipped with at least three vehicles, a sedan, an SUV, and a commercial vehicle. In addition, the position comes with a secretary, drivers, and private use of the vehicles. The waste is tremendously high.

Xinhua, August 16, 2013