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China’s Funeral Homes Are Running at Full Capacity

The rampage of COVID in China has taken many people’s lives. As a result, China’s funeral homes are running all day long to cremate bodies.

A Shanghai funeral home appealed for the public to fill openings in three areas: staff members to pick up corpses, people to assist the staff members who are picking up corpses, and workers handling the corpse pickup service on China’s social media WeChat.

A Hangzhou funeral home also posted that it had six positions to fill.

A Beijing citizen posted on Microblog (another Chinese social media) that in an emergency room in a hospital on December 26, he had witnessed over ten COVID deaths in 12 hours.

In Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, people lined up at 4:30 am for cremation appointments at the Yinheyuan Funeral Home (the facility gave out a limited number of tickets each day). Some people said that they came for 3 days but were still not able to get a number. The Guangzhou Funeral Service Center announced that, due to the high volume, it would not handle memorial services inquiries until January 10. It would still offer cremation services.

Anshan City, Liaoning Province turned an underground parking area into a morgue. Many coffins lined up in that area.

Some online videos showed a long line of cars waiting in front of a funeral home in Tianjin City. People packed a Wuhan funeral home. Also due to continuous use, a cremation furnace exploded in Tangshan City, Hebei Province.

In Beijing, the Tongzhou Funeral Home that cremated 40 bodies at the beginning of December quadrupled the number to around 160 bodies on December 19. An Internet video showed another funeral home – The Dongjiao Funeral Home – relied on police to direct traffic to the facility and some cars stayed in line for 12 hours but still hadn’t entered the facility. The funeral home also issued an emergency notice to its employees, prohibiting them from taking any media interviews or discussing or disclosing any numbers at the funeral home.

Source: Epoch Times, December 28, 2022