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Qiushi: China’s Internet Would Have No Future without Basic Requirements

Qiushi published a commentary which continued the theme of correctly handling China’s Internet. It reprinted an article, first published in China Youth Daily, which advocated that Chinese netizens must adhere to basic requirements [dixian] on China’s Internet. 

The commentary stated that Internet self-discipline has fallen far behind the expansion of the Internet. “For example, the authenticity of information should be a basic requirement. It should be a generally accepted rule that no one should fabricate and spread rumors. However, there is no consensus on this. Some people take pride in fabricating and spreading rumors rather than feeling ashamed. They even use excuses such as ‘rumors force the truth’ [to surface] in order to whitewash their disinformation. In this case, to advocate the ‘authenticity of information’ is highly necessary."
The commentary concluded, “Without a clear basic requirment [dixian], the Internet would have no future. The only result would be self-destruction amidst chaos.” China Youth Daily is an official newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China. 
Source: China Youth Daily reprinted by Qiushi, August 19, 2013