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CNA: TSMC 3nm Started Mass Production and Factory Expansion

The Primary Taiwanese news agency Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) held a 3nm mass production and factory expansion ceremony. TSMC Chairman Mark Liu clearly stated that the company will continue to develop advanced technologies and expand in Taiwan. TSMC previously held a grand relocation ceremony for the Arizona factory in the United States, and decided to expand investment in the U.S. Not only was the mass production technology of the Arizona Phase One Project adjusted from the originally planned 5 nanometers to 4 nanometers, but also new investment was committed for a 3 nanometers plant. The total U.S. investment increased to US$40 billion. The 3nm mass production demonstrated TSMC’s concrete actions in developing advanced technology and expanding advanced production capacity in Taiwan. Also, TSMC’s global R&D center in Zhuke will be officially opened in the second quarter of 2023, with 8,000 personnel expected to be stationed there. In the meantime, the 2nm plant is scheduled to be launched in Zhuke and Zhongke, Taiwan. TSMC is now building super-large fabs, connecting several fabs together through automatic transfer systems and tube bridges. In response to customer demand, TSMC will expand overseas investment at the same time. TSMC (NYSE: TSM), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, is a Taiwanese multinational semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company. It is the world’s most valuable semiconductor company and the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry.

Source: CNA, December 29, 2022