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Hu Chunhua: -Self-Consciously Resist the Penetration and Influence of Western Political Party System

On August 28, Hu Chunhua, Politburo member of the CCP Central Committee and Party Secretary of Guangdong Province, attended the 2013 summer provincial forum of all democratic parties’ leaders. 

In his speech, Hu Chunhua stressed that the common political and ideological foundation for the cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and all democratic parties or persons without party affiliation is socialism with Chinese characteristics. "I hope that all democratic parties deeply implement the education (propaganda) activities of socialism with Chinese characteristics and constantly consolidate the common ideological and political foundation for multi-party cooperation. [The democratic parties] must always adhere to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, always remain consistent with the CCP Central Committee in ideology and politics, and consciously safeguard the authority of the CCP Central Committee leaders under general secretary Xi Jinping. [The democratic parties] must firmly take the political development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics; consciously resist the penetration and influence of the Western political and political party system; and enhance self-confidence and recognition of the socialist system in practice." 

Source: Guangzhou Daily, August 28, 2013