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2022 China’s Housing Sales Plummeted by 5 Trillion Yuan

According to China Real Estate Information Corporation (CRIC), a Shanghai based real estate consulting firm, the overall sales in China’s housing sector in 2022 is expected to approximate 13.5 trillion yuan (US$ 1.95 trillion), a 5 trillion yuan (US$ 0.72 trillion) or 27 percent decrease from the 18.19 trillion yuan (US$ 2.63 trillion) in 2021. 90 percent of the top 100 real estate developers under-performed last year. The number of developers with sales above 100 billion yuan (US$ 14.5 billion) dropped from 43 during the peak time to only 20 today.

Against this backdrop of diminishing domestic and foreign financing channels, developers are facing huge amounts of outstanding debt. They are also facing other pressures, such as the pressure to deliver properties on-time. Starting in September, a few housing giants slashed their housing prices. A few reductions were as deep as 40 percent. Although the marketing and sales drive continued into the 4th quarter, Chinese home buyers continued to show little enthusiasm.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), January 1, 2023 percent