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COVID Death Revealed CCP Officials Transplant Organs so They Can Live Longer

Gao Zhanxiang, a former Deputy Party Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, died of COVID on December 9, 2022.

Zhu Yongxin, a Standing Committee member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy (a decorative party that the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has allowed to exist in China to show it has “democracy”), wrote an article to pay tribute to Gao.

The last paragraph said, “Over the years, Gao Zhanxiang had been tenaciously fighting diseases. He had replaced many organs and jokingly said that many parts in his body were not his anymore. However, before the COVID epidemic, he was still hale and hearty, quick-thinking and loud, not like a patient at all. I didn’t expect that he would leave us so soon.”

This is a revelation that the CCP officials transplant other people’s organs into their own bodies in order to live longer.

The article has been removed. But a screenshot is still existing and has been spread around.

Source: Epoch Times, January 4, 2023