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In 2022, Chinese Companies’ U.S. IPOs Raised about 96 Percent Less than in 2021

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu (NASDAQ: SOHU) recently reported that it has been a year and a half since the fever of Chinese companies going public in the U.S. cooled down. According to Wind Data, in 2022, Chinese companies went public in the United States and raised a total of US$582 million, a decrease of about 96 percent compared with the annual financing amount in 2021. Of the dozen or so companies that went public in the U.S. in 2022, most of them were small companies with a fundraising amount of less than US$50 million. The scale of its financing was significantly lower than the level of the previous two years. In 2021, about 40 Chinese companies went public in the U.S., and 16 of them raised more than US$100 million. In 2020, 18 US-listed companies raised over US$100 million. In 2022, as of December 28, the number of IPOs listed in the United States was only 17, setting a new low for the past six years. At present, data-related technology companies going public in the United States still face strict scrutiny from both Chinese and American regulators. Several companies have even withdrawn their prospectuses for listing in the United States.

Source: Sohu, January 2, 2023