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Chinese Created a New Term: “Human Mine”

The Chinese have recently created a term to describe themselves: the term is: “human mine” (人矿). Some people created a term “huminerals.” It means that an individual human is treated as a mine; whereas the authorities (the communist regime) take the valuable resources from the mine and then dispose of it when its  resources are used up and it becomes useless.

An article discussed ten points that this term reveals to people. The following are some excerpts from the article:

1. You are a resource, not a subject; you are means, not an end goal. (You are) exhausting your whole life’s energy in order to benefit someone else, not for your own life goals.

2. The life of a human mine has three stages: Mining, Use, and Waste Treatment. The first dozen years of education were an investment in you to turn you into a usable mine. In the middle few decades, you are consumed. Eventually, when you are no longer usable, you will be disposed of in a way that is as non-polluting as possible.

5. The value of a human mine is similar to coal, oil, or other natural resources. It is cheap when there is an ample supply and expensive when there are few.

7. A related concept to “human mine” is the “mine owner.” The mine owner mines the human mine and gives that person (the human mine) a chance to “dedicate himself” to (the owner). [Note: the Chinese Communist Party has a propaganda slogan to ask people to “dedicate themselves” to the over-all society.]

10. The awakened human mine feels the pain if he cannot change anything. To reduce this pain, he has to muddle through and pretend he is asleep. So, when you see a group of silent man-mines, you don’t know how many are actually awake until a particular moment (when people finally speak or act out).

Source: China Digital Times, January 2, 2023