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Propaganda Official: The Key Is to Strengthen Most Party Cadres’ Faith in Marxism and Communism

On September 9, 2013, People’s Daily published an article on the importance of propaganda and ideological work in China. The author of the article, Luo Shugang, Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, further explained CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent speech at the National Propaganda and Ideological Work Conference. 
1) “The key is to strengthen most Party cadres’ faith in Marxism and Communism; strengthen the entire Party, the nation, and the People of different ethnic groups’ faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics.” 
2) Resolutely obey the CCP Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the CCP Central Committee.
3) Always adhere to principle of the Party’s control of media. The Chinese Communist Party has the absolute leadership position over all media and communication channels at all different levels. 
4) Punish those who spread “rumors” and “harmful information" on the Internet.
5) Guide people to look more at the bright side. Announce the full scope of authoritative information in a timely manner so as to suppress negative information and wrong views. Constantly reinforce the people’s trust and confidence.  
Source: People’s Daily, September 9, 2013