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Xinhua: The State Council Released Air Pollution Remediation Plan

Xinhua recently reported that the Chinese State Council officially released the Air Pollution Remediation Plan, which includes tangible regulations, time tables, and goals for air pollution control. The Plan highlights ten operational points: (1) Enhance comprehensive management of pollution emissions; (2) Adjust the industrial structure to upgrade the economy; (3) Speed up the adoption of high-technology in industrial enterprises; (4) Improve the supply of clean energy; (5) Enforce a strict environmental protection standard; (6) Introduce more market-based mechanism into environmental policies; (7) Establish a more complete legal system; (8) Balance regional cooperation for pollution remediation activities; (9) Develop monitoring, alert, and emergency handling systems; (10) Clarify the responsibilities of the government and of society to mobilized the entire population for a better environment. 
Source: Xinhua, September 12, 2013