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Economy: China’s Three-Tiered Social Security Structure

On January 13, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, posted on social media that the county has finished the delivery of social security payments for January. 75,500 retirees of companies received 178.85 million yuan; 13,600 government retirees received 69.09 million yuan; and 137,800 other retirees (residents not working for the government or established companies) received 28.54 million yuan.

People were thus able to calculate the three-time payment structures: 5,080 yuan (US$749) per month for government employees, 2,368 yuan (US$349) per month for company retirees, and 207 yuan (US$31) per month for normal residents. This created a hot discussion on the Internet about the unfair social security treatment based on people’s classes.

Source: Epoch Times, January 16, 2023