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Beijing Business: Nationwide Campaign of Urban Construction about to Begin

Beijing Business recently reported that the State Council released executive notes on strengthening city’s urban infrastructures. A nationwide campaign of public investment in new construction work is soon to be launched. The State Council’s plan focuses mainly on four areas: (1) Investing in city roads and transportation related work; (2) Constructing and upgrading various types of urban public services pipelines; (3) Speeding up the construction of facilities to manage garbage and polluted water; (4) Building ecological gardens and parks.

Investments in these identified areas are expected to bring about a recovery from the environmental losses that resulted from China’s rapid development over previous years. Meanwhile this move is also designed to use government spending to boost the economy. The total monetary investment in new infrastructure is estimated to be in the range of trillions of yuan. The plan also encourages the private sector to invest in areas that may bring a profit. 

Source: Beijing Business, September 17, 2013