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Xinhua: The China Dream is not a Dream for Hegemony

On September 26, Xinhua published a commentary saying the China Dream is not a dream for hegemony. “Internationally, there are always some people who concoct and present different versions of the ‘China Threat Theory,’ to label the China Dream ‘neo-imperialism.’ Such remarks are completely without merit.” 

The commentary stated that the China Dream is a dream for prosperity, “but not one for hegemony.” It said that "China has no tradition of invading other countries. It has not occupied even an inch of others’ territories or taken any resources of other countries.” 
“This malicious distortion of the meaning of the China Dream boils down to the fact that some people cannot let go of the old world where there were haves and have-nots. It also reflects fear that the China Dream may disturb their own dream.” 
Source: Xinhua, September 26, 2013