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Xi Jinping: Party Members Required to Engage in Criticism and Self-Criticism

Outlook Weekly published a commentary on September 30 discussing President Xi Jinping’s recent speech on engaging in “criticism” and “self-criticism” to improve the quality and heritage of the Party. Xi indicated that this would have a significant impact on the Party. The commentary said that if “criticism” and “self-criticism” are used frequently, the Party organization will grow stronger and more powerful. Otherwise, it will suffer losses or pay a costly price. The commentary listed examples of how “criticism” and “self-criticism” are seriously lacking among Party members. It asserted that this deficiency has resulted in an unhealthy tendency and signs of crisis within the party.

President Xi recently stressed that “‘criticism’ and ‘self-criticism’ are powerful weapons to use in solving the internal conflicts within the Party." Xi said that if all levels of Party members use these weapons frequently, it will help to “promote unity” and “improve the ability to identify and solve problems.”

Source: Xinhua, September 29, 2013