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On the New Requirements for Party Development Work at the Grassroots Level

Guangming Daily published an article exploring ideas on the new requirements for Party development work at the grassroots level including how to comply with the current situation while coping with new challenges resulting from social and economic development. The article suggested that, in order to cope with the constant job changes and urbanization, the grass roots Party unit can be set up as the “community based” Party unit in addition to the traditional work unit or residential association based unit. The article also emphasized the need to strengthen the Party unit’s scientific operation at the grassroots level in the new informational technology era. It stated that, currently, the Party cadres are lacking the ability to conduct grassroots work using the new media and guiding public opinion. Therefore, it urgently needs group Party cadres who can be professionally trained to manage the Party members properly, as they are constantly on the move, and who are able to utilize the Internet to host Party organizational activities.

Source: Guangming Daily, October 3, 2013